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One of the most effective digital marketing forms is email. As such, it is an important part of every campaign. Offering a newsletter is one of the greatest ways to build your email list. Having a website with a form which gives people the option to opt in is simply not enough to build a subscriber list.  You will surely attract a few newsletter subscribers, but if you want to be more aggressive in your campaign, there are a number of options you can benefit from.

1.  Place an opt-in form immediately after each article in your blog.

This is the perfect place to catch the attention of a reader. Place an opt-on form right after the end of your content. If the visitor deems your content worthy, he will be more inclined to entrust you with his email and more willing to engage with your brand in future.

If you own a WordPress website, there are a number of available plugins that grant you the option to place opt-in forms with customizable styles and make those a part of your email marketing campaign. Two such great options are WP Conversion Boxes and Optin Forms.

2. Use social media to promote your newsletter.

social media

Social media presence is very important for every business and is a healthy source of newsletter subscribers. Have all your social fans and followers subscribed to your newsletter? I doubt it, but you should make everything in your power to make them do so.

If someone has followed your account on Twitter or has given your Facebook page a like, then you already have an established relationship with that individual. He or she has definitely found something interesting in your brand. Encouraging them to join your newsletter will be a good strategy as they will be definitely interested in your brand. You can do so by sending them frequent posts and asking them to subscribe. Don’t forget to highlight what benefits your newsletter brings to them!

 3. Organize giveaways and contests.

Most people love to receive something for free. There is no need for it to be expensive. The best giveaways usually are your own products and services. Organize a contest and offer people free service, free trial or free product just in the same way as the marketing professional at Mailigen do. But there is a catch – in order to take part in the content, a person will be required to subscribe to your newsletter and ideally share content on social networks. Apart from a new subscriber, you also receive social media exposure.

 4. Use an exit pop-up with an offer.

 Some people will dismiss your website forms outright. Although it is aggressive, an exit pop-up offer can convert more visitors into subscribers. Instead of using a pop up displaying an advertisement on page load after certain time, decide on an exit pop-up instead.

 5. Use Twitter lead generation cards.

twitter followers

Should you strive to create highly-targeted email lists, Twitter lead generation cards grant you the option to put together a collection of email addresses and make an offer. The sweetest part here is that you know the addresses are real since Twitter collects them from user profiles.

 We hope these 5 ways help you out to gain more newsletter subscribers, they definitely will, if followed correctly.


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