5 Simple Business Promotion Tips You Must Know About  

So you’ve recently started a new business.  Naturally, that’s an exciting step.  But, now that you have your business set up and are perhaps beginning to define what your niche in the market will be, you need to take the next important step.  What would that be?  Well, that would be letting the public know about your company through intelligent business promotion techniques.

 There are plenty of ways that a business owner can promote his or her company.  In fact, thanks to the internet and the online age we live in, the opportunities for business promotion have proliferated and strengthened in power and scope.

Therefore, we thought we’d go over some of the most essential ways that businesses can and should promote themselves online.

 1. It’s All About the Content

 If your business has a website, then you’re on the right track.  If your business’s website has a regularly maintained blog that provides advice for your audience base, you’re doing even better.

However, it’s important that the content you create and publish is original, well-written and actually engages the interest of your audience.

Creating online content that stimulates your audience’s interest may seem obvious.  But, there’s another reason why unique content is so important – because it can help in the ranking of your business’s blog and website.  Five or so years ago, keyword strategy was all the rage when it came to improving a site’s rank.  Now, thanks to a number of Google advancements, high-quality, unique content is most important.  And that should be remembered.

2. “Polish Up” Old Content

So, your company doesn’t have the time or the resources to regularly create original, engaging content that promotes your business.   If that’s the case, don’t panic.

On days where you and your team just do not have the bandwidth to create new content, remember that you can always recycle old content.  You can polish up an old blog post for instance or use it as the subject matter for a new blog article.

It’s a shortcut that, although shouldn’t be overused, can save time and energy.

3. LinkedIn Is Absolutely Essential

LinkedIn plays an essential part of assuring that your business has the most complete online presence possible.

If your business does not currently have a company page on LinkedIn, then this should be created.  But, LinkedIn offers other business promotion tactics that many people are not familiar with.  For example, don’t forget that joining LinkedIn Groups that are associated with the field your business is in can also be an effective and natural promotion tactic.  When you do join these groups, make a point of contributing to some of the group’s conversations.

4. Engage In As Many Social Media Channels As Possible

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram – these are the major social media channels.  We already discussed LinkedIn.  However, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all play an important role too in creating a comprehensive business promotion strategy.

Not only should companies, large and small, have profiles on each of these social media outlets.  But, more importantly, it’s now commonplace for companies with strong business promotion tactics to regularly (i.e. at least weekly) publish posts to their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts as a way to engage and increase their online audience base.

 5. Remember the Power of Customer Reviews

Many businesses, especially those in the retail or culinary industries, are well aware of how powerful online customer reviews are, as published and hosted on sites like Yellow Pages and Google.  Plenty of statistics prove that customers are increasingly turning to online customer-written reviews as a way to decide whether or not they are interested in a particular product or company.

Needless to say, businesses should take proactive steps to increase the number of positive reviews they have on sites like Yellow Pages and Google.

But, Google and Yellow Pages aren’t the only major review sites.  Search engines that cater to more localized audiences, sites like 411.ca, are earning higher regard and gaining larger audiences.  Many of these localized search engines host online customer reviews, which, similar to Google and Yellow Pages, businesses should be aware of and actively monitor.

 In the case of 411.ca, if you decide to advertise your business on their website, 411.ca provides the convenient option of not only monitoring the customer reviews that are posted on the site about your company, but also responding to these reviews.  That’s an incredibly useful feature.   After all, as has been mentioned plenty of times by PR strategists and analysts, one of the most effective ways for businesses to mitigate the negative effect of a bad online review is for that business to proactively and publicly respond to the review in a professional and even-keeled manner.

In the end, there’s no need to feel overwhelmed about how to promote your business online.  Just remember how important it is to engage your audience through creating unique and original content and through regular updates on major social media channels.


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