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Are you here to know why you should use WP Engine hosting? Let us first share some experience we have had since a past couple of months. If you have been a regular reader and follower of our blog, you would know how social media plays a great role in bringing traffic to our site. In past couple of months, the traffic grew. It grew more than we could imagine and every other day we ended up calling our hosting providers complaining of bandwidth issues.

Imagine! You’re having 10000 unique visitors per day. That would mean 416 visitors per hour. That means 6 visitors per minute. And what if your website goes down even for a minute? You would lose 6 unique visitors and so many page views and so many leads. This was exactly what that was happening to us. Each day we were flooded with messages of our site not working and we knew we had to make a wise decision. We had to shift and that’s we started looking for best hosting providers all across the globe. And you know which one was the best. Right?

So, if you’re not convinced with the experience we just shared, we have these points which will let you know why WP Engine hosting services are the best and must use.

  1. Good performance: do you know what’s the most crucial thing that determines a website’s success? It’s performance. The faster your website loads the more customers and sales you make. Along with that you need to be up all the time. Running a website isn’t like running a brick and mortar shop where you close the shop and head home every night. This shop needs to stay open all the time – 24 hours a day and 365/366 days a year. And no matter what companies complain, WP Engine hosting provides the best performance and 24 hour uptime. Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 17.15.38
  2. Mind blowing customer service: WP Engine hosting services not only come power packed with best quality features in the market but also come with mind blowing customer service. They pay special attention to customer satisfaction and we can tell that from our own experience.
  3. Best for wordpress based website: These are the people who created wordpress. And do we need to explain why they can handle it in the best way? They are the creators and they know it inside out and undoubtedly can handle it in the most efficient manner. wordpress-552924_640
  4. High security: You may not realize but there can be a number of hackers who can be trying to inject malicious code into your website or take it down. If you have created your website from scratch, you would understand the importance of it. We treat our website like a baby and would never want it to be vulnerable to miscreants and that’s why we trust WP Engine when it comes to our website. Regular security updates and top tier security is what anyone needs in a website and they provide exactly that. In fact! They do it even better than others.
  5. Trusted by big brands: Big tech brands like Foursquare, HTC etc use WP engine hosting services. Why do you think they do that? They are so big that can practically afford any kind of hosting services then why do they choose this? The only suitable answer can be because this is the best hosting on the internet.wp engine hosting service features

Are you thinking why only 5 reasons? Well, we can write a 10,000 word article explaining each and every feature WP Engine hosting provides and the affect it has on your website, its performance, its lifetime, your business and on your success rate. But we think bringing your attention to the most important topics would be enough to help you rethink about the hosting services you use and shift to WP Engine. Let us know what you think! Don’t forget to share your experience about the hosting provider you use for your website.



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