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Do you spend a major part of your day online? Do you fantasize for a job that can be done while you’re sitting in your cozy blanket in your own room? Do you want to work according to your own timings and be your own boss? If yes, then these online business ideas are for you.

In today’s post, I am going to discuss 5 online business ideas to make money online. Making money online is no longer a shady thing. Don’t you remember how every opportunity of making money online turned out to be a scam? Not anymore.

Now, there are legitimate ways to make money online and I am the proof of it. As I am writing this, I am making money online and today I am going to share 5 ways in which you can do the same.

  1. Freelancing services

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This is one of the easiest ways to set up an online business and also has a huge potential. First you can start working as a solopreneur and provide various kinds of services based on your skills as a freelancer.

As you grow and build your portfolio, you would have more and more work and soon you won’t be able to handle all by yourself and that’s where you would need to start hiring. Do that.

  1. Social media consultant social media pro

While big businesses have a dedicated social media team that plans their social media strategy, small businesses have to handle their social media all by themselves. This is where your part comes in.

You can act as a consultant who would tell these small businesses to make the most out of their social media. From posting right kind of content to posting on right time, all of this is suggested by the social media consultant.

No, you don’t need to be a social media expert to start this business. Why not hire an expert and focus on getting more and more projects instead? Businesses can work in both ways and you have the liberty to choose which one you want.

  1. Teach online courses share your office

Online courses are getting popular day by day. From youtube to websites like udemy, online teachers are in huge demand. And they get good amount of money for spending their time. If teaching has always been your passion, go for this online business ideas.

How to get started depends upon the choice of platform. With youtube, you can just start making videos while on sites like udemy, the procedure differs with each site.

For this business, you do require a specific skill. You can’t teach something to someone if you don’t know about it. So, when you’ve the right qualifications and right mindset, you can get started with this business.

  1. Sell online  amazon-447034_640

Selling online is one of the most growing businesses in the internet world. People are buying things online these days and many traditional brick and mortar sellers are shifting to online selling. The business has its own perks.

You can reach to great amount of potential customers worldwide while with brick and mortar store, you’re limited to a particular set of customers. Also, you have options with where you want to sell. You can sell online on stores like amazon, ebay etc or just start your own ecommerce site.

  1. Web design and development techimage

With the growing use of internet worldwide, there is more focus shifting towards visitor experience. No one wants to visit a website with cluttered and crappy design. And everyone wants a customized website developed for oneself.

If you have knowledge about web designing and development, you can grow by leap and bounds. Start looking for gigs online, build a portfolio and deliver.

There are thousands of web design and development firms at present but the need is still incomplete. The market is growing at a much faster rate and you can certainly shine through such a situation.

So, these are 5 of the most promising online business ideas to make money online. And I can tell that because I have seen people making money online through these ideas and I have carefully analyzed what kind of effort and investment goes into these and what’s the end product.

You would never regret the decision of going with these ideas. Try it. Good luck! Also, if you have any questions related to these business ideas, feel free to ask.


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