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Starting a business has never been easy. But with a huge support and opportunity base, startups can now work on providing exceptional services instead of worrying about whether people will believe in them or not. With the trend of crowdfunding, startups can now think beyond running around the angel investors.

In such a time, there are several people who are still not sure what business they should start. If you’re one of them, you’re inviting a great loss. You need to act quickly. Look for new business ideas and see if you want to work on any of those.

For the same reason, I am going to enlist 5 new business ideas in this post. These kinds of businesses are fresh, making a lot of money and have a huge potential.

  1. Box subscription services new business ideas: subscription box services

From food to clothing, from makeup to books, from crafts to pet care – box subscription services are everywhere these days. Such kinds of services provide ready to deliver products right at your doorstep each month.

Why people consider buying it? Because of the amazing perks that come along with this monthly box. Such subscription services provide curated products from a certain niche. All the products are personalized according to each customer. Also, there is a surprise factor attached to it which is loved by customers these days.

What you need to start this business?

Find out a product category that is still untapped or has very less competition. Keep it inexpensive. Offering cheaper products might make you stand out. It is very clear that people resist to spend lot of money on something which would come as a “surprise” and that is the clue you need to understand.

The key to make it big with this service is provide interesting products but at a cheap price.

  1. Recycling pickup recycling pickup business

If there was something you could explore in field of social entrepreneurship, this is one of the best new business ideas you can come across. At present, all homeowners have pickup bins that allow recycling of products like paper, plastic, domestic waste etc.

But what about the loads of batteries and electronics that lie unused in each household. Don’t forget how those could emit possibly harmful radiations.

This is your business idea. E-waste can be your money making machine. Offer to pick up such e-waste and deliver them to the local electronics recycling facility. Charge fee for the same. You would be amazed by how many people really want to do this for the sake of environment. And you will be doing both – making money and saving environment.

  1. Food truck new business ideas: food truck

There was a reason I did a full series of posts about being a restaurateur. Food is something we can’t live without and these days, appetite of people has become very demanding. They need good food.

According to a study by Intuit & Emergent Research, revenue from food truck industry alone will reach $2.7 billion by 2017. That’s huge. Although food truck industry is quite saturated in cities like New York, other states are pretty much untouched. That’s where your luck comes in.

A food truck business is less expensive as compared to brick-and-mortar restaurant. They help you get a great return on investment. And if you have the right equipment and great recipes, you can just start your mobile eatery in no time and make money from it.

  1. Business services new business ideas: business services

During recession, a lot of companies cut back support staff and many of them haven’t rehired. Instead, they consider outsourcing the non core business functions to 3rd party firms. This has created a huge business opportunity for you.

If you can provide marketing, health care management, human resources, customer support or any other service a business needs, you can set up a great business through that.

  1. youtuber new business ideas: become a youtuber

The rise of youtube also brought the rise of a number of people who are now superstars. Who said you need to act in movies to be a celebrity? Who said you need to focus on how you look to become popular?

With a variety of youtube channels ranging from beauty & makeup, comedy to educational, there are tons of opportunities for creative people. Youtube allows you to earn money through its youtube partner program and also you get brand collaborations which let you make extra money.

Once you make a name in youtube world, you can easily make thousands of dollars a month. And investment? Apart from camera equipment, ZERO.

These were the 5 new business ideas which I think you should consider for starting a new business. Why new business ideas? Because they are less saturated and provide greater scope of success. They’re not brand new so you don’t have risk of failing because of some extremely out of the box ideas.

These ideas work and are still new. So, get started. Good luck.


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