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Dennis Crowley is the famous personality who is an inspiration to many. He has co-founded two businesses that went on to earn millions of bucks and turned down a $125 million acquisition offer. In his conversation in the July 2014 issue of entrepreneur, he shared some really good advice on starting a business.
Today, I am going to share the key learning I got through that advice.

1. Focus on building what people would want to use and talk about

One of the best learning I got from Dennis Crowley is that you must focus on building something what people would love to use, what would help them and make their life easier and ultimately what they would love to talk about and spread. This is what Dennis Crowley has done. He built things with this phrase in mind and ended up building products that went to become big businesses. dennis crowley

2. Be clear to investors about your vision:

When you start off with your new business, you would have to explain your ideas to different potential investors. Dennis says you must be clear to these people in what you want to do with your business, what your priorities are and what are the things you won’t be doing to your business. Having a clear vision and making others clear about it matters a lot, especially when it comes to investors who would be funding your ideas and business.

3. Stick to your ideas:

Don’t listen to the people who say your ideas won’t work. Don’t think of what others think of your ideas. Just stick to them. He says that don’t let other people say that your ideas are bad.

“If you throw away ideas when they exist only on a whiteboard, you miss the point a lot of the time.”

4. Follow your heart:

Dennis says he has always followed one advice his mother repeatedly gave him when he was a child: to follow his heart. And that’s what he thinks drove him to success. So, instead of doing an MBA, he joined the interactive telecommunications program at NYU just because that’s what his heart said.

5. Build a team that grows with you: business team

After starting his business, Dennis Crowley had to hire people and this is where he learnt the lessons he shared about building a team. He says you must build a team that is willing to work on your passion. Whether they’re fully adept at their skill or not doesn’t matter that much for he says you can train those people to work in a better way. But they must be ready to work.

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