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Do you want to be an entrepreneur? Do you have that brilliant idea in your mind which would definitely convert into a million dollar company? But there is something that is stopping you from pursuing your dream. What is it?

It might be the people around you. Yes, the kinds of people you surround yourself with can make a great impact on the probability of you becoming an entrepreneur. Here are 5 kinds of people you should stay miles away from in order to be an entrepreneur.

  1. Those who go too much in detail: I had a friend like that. Whenever I used to tell him that I want to do something like “this”, he would come up with a detailed plan of what needs to be done in just a couple of seconds. Now, this is actually a good thing – to consider the details as much as possible but then there is a way of expressing these details. That friend used to tell those in such a manner that I ended up dropping the idea in less than a minute. So, it is always better to let your mind do the work of figuring things instead of a ‘perfectionist’ friend. people to avoid to be an entrepreneur
  2. Those who spread negativity: There are some people in this world whose answer to every question initially is a “no”. Such people can shatter your dreams in minutes, if not in seconds. They are die hard pessimists and would never ever try something new because of fear of failure and they would make you the same. You can never be an entrepreneur if you’ve a negative mindset.
  3. Superstitious people: I hope such people are rare in America but accept it or not, you’ve at least one person in your life that is seriously superstitious. They won’t let you attend that important conference because it falls on Friday the 13th. They won’t let you go for a meeting because you’re wearing a wrong color on that particular day. Such people just fill your minds with junk. And such a mind can never think of brilliant ideas. Right?
  4. People who love you too much to let you take risks: Be careful! This kind can be the closest and most lovable person in your life. I am not asking you to shoo them away. Keep them close to you for they care a lot about you but don’t let them mess up with your ideas of doing something out of the box.
  5. Lazy and unorganized people: They will make you just like what they’re. An entrepreneur is a person who is always running short of time. There is so much he is required to do. And that’s why he needs to be extremely organized and active but what if his best friend is a lazy and unorganized person? It would cost him a fortune. people to avoid to be an entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship isn’t just about running a business. It is about living a whole different life and to do that, you need a whole different set of people around you. I mentioned the set you must not have in your life. Let me know if you agree. (I know you would 😛 )


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