Do you want to be an entrepreneur? It is extremely important that you surround yourself with right kind of people that help you be in the right kind of environment and state of mind so as to utilize your full potential and establish yourself as a successful entrepreneur. While my post clearly pointed out 5 kinds of people you should avoid in order to be an entrepreneur, I thought it was important to share what kinds of people can help you with your entrepreneurial pursuit.

  1. Optimistic: When you think of starting a new business, not everything is perfect. Things go wrong, you mess up but it is important that you continue your struggle until you achieve success. For doing that, you need some kind of emotional support. You need people to motivate you, to tell you that everything would be right in the end. In short, you need to be around optimistic people who see hope in a place where there is none.
  2. Disciplined: entrepreneurship isn’t easy. Entrepreneurs go through tough times in the beginning. They need to manage so much in least time and with least amount of resources. To cope with all this, a person must be disciplined and organized. And for that, it is important that the people who have an impact on your because of being with you on daily basis are themselves disciplined and organized. manage your time
  3. Self motivated: there will be a lot of times when you would want to quit but you need a source of light to guide you out of such moments of distress. You require a person who motivates you in the most unconventional way. Come on! Self help books and motivational speeches don’t work all the time. What really works is being around a self motivated person who inspires you even when he’s not trying to.
  4. Helpful: It is time to say good bye to mean and greedy people who are always thinking about getting their way out from you. It is difficult to be a self-made entrepreneur. Going solo is extremely tough and lonely. Just figure out which people in your circle are helpful and strengthen your contacts with them in order to be an entrepreneur, in real. time to outsource
  5. Rich: Well, this isn’t really helpful all the time but having a rich friend who would eventually turn into the investor seems a cool idea (if your conscience allows you for such a thing 😛 )

My motive of writing this post was to warn you about some people who can affect your journey of becoming an entrepreneur. The kinds of people mentioned above would be helpful. Find them, be friend them and be with them forever. (Also, thank me when you become a successful entrepreneur). 😉


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