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Eat, sleep, work, repeat.  Does this sound like you? Well the key element that is missing in this pattern is self-care.  This might seem scary to a lot of you, especially in the entrepreneurs world.  Stopping for a break is usually not an option if you want to be successful, but what will really make you successful is being balanced in all aspects.  If you take care of yourself, your business will reap the benefits.  You will dodge burn out and you will have a calm and clear mind to tackle that next obstacle.

Here are 5 tips to balance the most important building block in your business for 2015…YOU!

1. Fuel the Engine– Eat foods that will FUEL your mind and body, not on the go junk food just to quiet your growling stomach.

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Use this time as a break from your work.  Working while you eat can lead to difficult digestion and over eating.  That bag of trail mix you mindlessly were shoving your hand into is now empty and you don’t even remember eating it.

Plus that gorgeous laptop you just bought for your business will be slimy and sticky or filled with crumbs in no time if you do not separate eating from working.  Truly enjoy your meal times.

2. Be Mobile– Most of you will be spending hours at a computer tensed up typing away.  Your hips and back will be feeling it so try to get up and move around every 30 minutes.

Make sure you stand up and take a little walk or balance your deskwork and your errands throughout the day so you are up and about.  This will also give your eyes a nice break from the technology strain.  The same goes for those of you who are on your feet all day.

Take a load off and do some desk work for a little while.  It will break up your day and keep you motivated.

3. Unplug, Unwind and Snooze– Understand when to turn it off.  You are your own boss and you make your own hours.  This might sound like the dream, but those of you who live it and breathe it understand it also means sometimes you never turn it off.  manage your time

Many entrepreneurs don’t know the difference between themselves and their business; they think they are one and the same.  Make sure to set a schedule for yourself to work and for when you turn it off completely.

This means to make time for sleep.  It is vital that you get enough sleep for your body to function properly and for your mind to reset. Scheduling balance and separation, especially from technology, will create a more successful work time.

4. Share Your Time– While it is important to be focusing on your business and making it your priority, it is also important to keep up with your interests and hobbies that bring you joy.

This is a key idea in keeping yourself balanced in the entrepreneurs world.  As mentioned above you should unplug, but when you unplug make sure to keep up with the things and people you love.

Do you love to dance, go on hikes, spend time with your pets, do yoga?  Make sure you are taking the time to keep active and keep your hobbies that bring you joy.  Don’t lose what makes you you! There is always time, it is how you manage it that counts.


5. Cheers to YOU- Starting a business is a lot of work.  It can be very stressful and at times discouraging.  The discouragement is something that can really affect your confidence and your drive.

An important aspect to living a healthy and balanced life is to keep up that confidence.  Celebrate the little wins in your journey.  Make sure you celebrate each new idea or new level you reach in your business even the smallest step.

Giving yourself credit for what you are doing each step of the way will keep your juices flowing and your mind motivated.  Be your own cheerleader and own the fact that you are working hard for what you want.

We all want to be healthy, fit human beings, and my theory is that a fit human is someone who is living a balanced life.  You are a risk taker and a self- starter, celebrate that and celebrate you.  Treat yourself with the same passion you put into your business and you will see the growth.  It is all about balance.  Learn, adapt, try these five healthy habits for 2015 and see your business flourish and create a new YOU.


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