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Are you looking for setting up a home based business? You don’t want to get out of the comforts of your home but want to earn a good amount of salary. For that, you require a business idea that would promise a high return on investment. Worry no more! Today, I am going to enlist 5 best home based business ideas.

These are best because of the minimum investment requirement, easy setup and high ROI. You can easily turn yourself into a successful self-made entrepreneur through these home based business ideas.

Blogging & Freelancing:


Hey, that’s how I make money online. Blogging is one of the most awesome professions these days. You get to work according to your own timings, on your own terms and on the thing you like. No wonder why it is so popular these days.

With brands realizing importance of bloggers day by day, bloggers are now flooded with collaboration opportunities from brands. That’s how you can make money.

Freelancing is somewhat similar to blogging but it is has a much wider scope. Freelancing can include any gig that can be easily done from home, however it isn’t limited to home based work. The easiest freelancing work is writing and after putting in good amount of efforts, you can easily earn a good sum of money through it.

The only con this idea has the time it takes to earn a substantial sum of money. Blogging and freelancing grow slowly. You can’t become a millionaire in one day. In fact, it would be difficult to make ends meet with money earned through these activities in the beginning.

That’s why I would advise you to first make the base while you keep your regular day job and eventually move to full time blogging or freelancing once you think you’re ready.

Editorial Services

editorial services business
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Editorial services are also related to writing but have much wider scope. There is a detailed guide on editorial services business that was posted on Startup Champ a few days back.

In that, it was explained what exactly editorial services consist of, what you need to do to get started, what are the things you need to know before you get started, how to get started and whether you should get started with this business or not.

That’s the ultimate guide to whatever you want to know about setting up this home based business.

Online selling


If you’re into craft or writing, you can easily sell your creations online. You can also consider selling products online just like you would have done offline. Take the product from manufacturer and then sell to the customers.

This thing is possible in two ways – either you sell on giants like amazon, ebay, ikea etc or you set up your own ecommerce store. Setting up your own ecommerce store is a costly model for you would have to spend on setting up the store, its management, marketing and handling the logistics.

Whereas with giants like amazon, all you need to do is put your product online and wait for the sales. It is easier but obviously it leads to fewer profits in long run. But I would suggest you to go with this option first if you’re not sure whether your business would work or not. This is the safest way to go on with selling business.

Virtual Assistant

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Have you considered working as an assistant in a corporate house but cannot do that because, well, you’re searching for home based business ideas. You can still be an assistant – a virtual assistant.

A virtual assistant is basically just an assistant but works online. The trend has been made popular by internet entrepreneurs who definitely some helping hands which can easily work over the internet.

And just because it is internet, you don’t need to be physically present with a person to assist him in his work. Of course, for this you need a specific skill set but that depends upon person to person.

You can easily with no skill set and gradually enhance your internet skills.

Baby sitting & pet walking

baby sitting - home based business idea

If you’re not an internet savvy person or just loathe it because of no particular reason or are finding home based business ideas for a person who doesn’t use internet, this business idea is for you.

Baby sitting business is a huge market in U.S. People are becoming millionaires with this business and you can do that as well. In fact, I believe this business is now popular even in a country like India. It is an amazing situation and you got to make full use of it.

You can start babysitting business either individually or hire employees. Both worked very well. Second is definitely more profitable but if you want to start with zero investment, go for individual option.

Pet walking is another good job that requires nothing but love and command for dogs. It pays very well.

These are the 5 best home based business ideas. They can be done by anyone. So, what are you waiting for? Which idea gave you that hureka moment? Let me know!


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