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There are tons of tools floating around the internet that can help you have an edge over you competitors and build an amazing brand. One of such tools is Google Alerts which is a content change and notification service run by google. It allows you to set up alerts for a particular set of keywords and send you an email whenever new information related to that keyword is available on the internet.

The real question is how Google Alerts can help you grow your business? Following are the four things I suggest:

  1. Monitor the internet: More than what you do with your brand, it is important what your competitors are doing. In order to stay ahead of your competitors, you must have every piece of information regarding their current status. Google Alerts allows you to monitor the internet and keep a check on what your competitors are doing. online marketing
  2. Be aware about your company: You must know what people are talking about you. A business highly depends upon positive branding and therefore the first step you can take in that direction is to see what kind of content is being published about you over the internet, around the globe. Google Alerts helps you in that.
  3. Get help in blogging: A blog for a business is a must have and for that, you would require constant flow of new ideas and topics to write about. Google Alerts helps you in that by providing you latest trends. You also get to know what other blogs are talking about. I usually get my inspiration for writing articles from Google alerts and those articles definitely do much better than the other written out of my personal instinct. Startup Business Online
  4. Analyze new trends: Having said the previous point, it is very obvious that Google Alerts is a good way to analyze new trends.

Check it out! It is easy to setup and gives you hassle free information. You don’t even have to remember that you need to check Google Alerts for it would reach directly to your inbox.

So, if you do have a free and reliable source that can give you an edge over your competitors, why not use it?

Let me know if you have been using Google alerts or if you have some tips and tricks to get better out of Google Alerts. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for regular updates.


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