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World is witnessing something very unusual these days. The business giants at present are the ones that people had never expected to even turn profitable.

Nobody believed that an online store with no inventory would work (amazon). Nobody believed that a new search engine which pretty much did the same thing as other ones in the market would be the ruler of internet world (google). Nobody believed that people would use 140 characters to express their thoughts (twitter). But it happened.

That’s the thing about unique business ideas. They seem to be very irrelevant and lame but when backed by passion and determination, they turn out to be the best business ideas ever. Today, I am going to share 4 such ideas which I find totally unique and relatively untapped. Hope this helps.

  1. Travelling Salon unique business ideas: travelling salon

Accept it! People are getting lazy day by day. They want everything at their doorsteps, within the comfort of their home. That has already been proven with the rise of online shopping. What’s next? This business idea.

Travelling salon means what the name suggests. A mobile salon that travels to the residence of customers. This idea is especially beneficial for senior citizens who find it difficult to get out of home in excruciating weather or even under normal condition.

But apart from senior citizens, normal public can also be your prospective customers. Come on! Online shopping isn’t only done by senior citizens. Right? You can grab in the young people or working professionals who don’t want to get out of their house on a weekend. Give it a thought!

  1. Green cleaning services unique business ideas GREEN CLEANING SERVICES

Cleaning services business has always been there. What’s so unique about this idea? You can make this normal and very common business idea into the list of unique business ideas by adding an unusual touch to it.

What if you could not only make people’s life easier by cleaning up the mess they create but also help them do their part in saving the environment or keeping their house eco-friendly or just cleaning their house in the green way for their own safety?

With this business, your most prospective customers would be people who have toddlers in their house. They would want to keep their house safe for their little kid. How can you do that? By using green cleaning products. This way those toddlers won’t be harmed which happens with the usual chemicals used by cleaning services.

So, now you know that you can promote this business and even run it in two different ways. Which one would you choose?

  1. Personalized merchandise business  personalized merchandise

Don’t get confused with the name. It is basically providing a service that allows people to get personalized products made for them. Now, this is already popular with t-shirt selling business. But you can go way beyond printing t-shirts.

Personalized stuff can be anything like mugs, photo frames, posters, stationery etc. Let your imagination do the work and come up with more such things that can be personalized according to a customer’s preference.

The business has huge potential. Isn’t it quite evident from how personalized t-shirts are selling like hot cakes?

4. Online Research computer with camera

While online selling, freelancing and web design businesses are quite common these days, online research business is less popular but very promising. There is a huge market for internet researches and all you need to start with this business is a laptop and a good internet connection.

The business is perfect for people who love to research about a particular topic. Better stick to one niche to get the most out of this kind of business.

I have published this article after putting in a great effort to make sure these unique business ideas are actually unique and help you make money. If you like any of these ideas, go and do some more research on how to get started and good luck.


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