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This is a very unusual yet important post that I want to share today. Startups are booming like never before but they get doomed at an even higher rate. There must be some important reason behind it.

There are few things that are really critical for your startup’s success. Some unavoidable things that are seldom paid attention. Well, those who consider those things important definitely turn into million dollar companies and those who ignore just run out of business after a while or learn the importance of them at a very high cost.

To make sure you don’t ignore those things, I have listed them down below today.

  1. The basic idea: What’s your startup idea? Are you trying to help someone? Are you solving a problem? Are you solving the problem in a better way than the already running businesses? Are you providing an affordable solution? All of these questions determine the fate of start-ups. If the answer to such questions is a ‘yes’ form your side, only then you should proceed with your startup. Else, you would end up wasting your time. light_bulb_idea07
  2. Customer Service: Maybe you’re going to deal with end customers or some big clients, one thing you must always care for is the customer service. If you keep your customers happy, they will keep your startup in business. Value your customers and make sure you try your best so that they have an amazing experience with your business. This is even more important because of the word of mouth marketing technique which is a major reason behind a business’ success.
  3. Branding: Branding was supposed to be a latter step in setting up a business but at present time, it should be one of the first few things you should worry about. The way you put your brand in front of people is really important. You need to create a unique identity of yourself in front of your target customers. Only then, you’re going to stand out.

    brand awareness
  4. Authenticity: People like the brands they can trust. You need to make sure you work on building trust within your customers with your very first promotion campaign. Once you get successful at portraying yourself as a trustworthy brand, you will rule the business market.

Only four things? They look really small. Aren’t they? That’s where entrepreneurs lag. When you underestimate something important, you are bound to learn the importance of that thing in a very harsh way. Make sure it doesn’t happen to you.

Make sure these four are the topmost priorities in the business plan for your startup.


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