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You’ve got a brilliant idea, lofty goals, and plenty of motivation — now you just need to figure out how to get off the ground and propel your business into a smashing success. Fortunately, millions of entrepreneurs who came before you have tried and thrived — or tried and failed — and you can learn from their experience.

So take note: History tells us that these four elements are key to building a successful business.


Come Up With a Solid Plan

Great companies start with solid planning. You can’t just wing it and expect to succeed — and the more detailed your plan, the better. Start by outlining your business expenses, including startup costs and day-to-day operations, and then calculate a suitable price structure for your goods.

Will you need employees? An office or warehouse space?

If you don’t have the business know-how to craft a plan, it’s time to take MBA classes or other training courses. The better educated you are on how the business world works, the better your odds of success.

Know Your Niche Inside and Out

To succeed, your business must fill the need of a specific niche. While you might think that anyone on the planet may benefit from your goods or services, that’s rarely the case. Think about the demographics of your target clientele. Ask yourself:


  • How old are they and how much money do they earn?
  • What are their jobs, interests, and hobbies?
  • What’s missing from their lives that only your product or service can provide?


You can learn much of this information by studying competitors and analyzing ads you see in magazines or on TV.

Look for Funding in the Right Places

Unless you’re already wealthy or have very low startup costs, you’re going to need financial help to get off of the ground. You may choose to apply for a bank loan, or you can seek angel investors who believe in your idea and want a stake. More recently, some businesses have found help from crowd funding websites like Kickstarter or Indiegogo, which allows the public to donate to your company if they love your idea. If you have excellent social-media skills, you might find this strategy especially useful.

Employ People Who Are Passionate

Your business will only be as good as the people behind it, so don’t skimp on staff. Experience is great, but also look for employees who are passionate about what they do. These are the people who will go the extra mile to make sure your company succeeds. Because you may not be able to afford high salaries in the beginning, your employees should be just as concerned about your business as they are about their paycheck. When hiring customer service personnel, make sure they care about people as well as your product. The customers will see the difference and keep coming back.

Starting a business is always a complex endeavor, and new challenges arise each day. But if you start with these building blocks intact, your business will have the solid foundation it needs to grow. With these elements and plenty of motivation, you’ll soon be on the path to success.


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