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It’s easier than ever to start a company these days. All you need is that one great idea and a website. Hundreds of startups have made a fortune with nothing more than a great idea.

There’s no reason why your company can’t be the next big success story. However, the ease of setting up comes with its drawbacks. There are now more companies than ever out there vying for your attention. The real difficulty is standing out.

With time and money, all great ideas rise to the top of the pile. The problem is that most of us don’t have the time and the money! We need results fast because the world moves fast.

Your idea might be groundbreaking but it could be redundant within a few years. Given the fast moving nature of technology, your idea needs to come to fruition fast.

That means drawing attention quickly. This means getting your first customers quickly. Here’s how to do it on a budget.

Start Small piggy banks

This might seem counter-intuitive. Your idea is groundbreaking and the entire world needs to hear about it! Just slow down for a second.

Starting small is a secret that all startups should know. It’s impossible to get that idea out to everybody at once. The internet makes the entire world accessible, but that’s not desirable at first.

You’ll spread yourself too thin. Conquer your local area first. If it’s a truly great product, people in your local area will want it. They will be your first customers.

Start by getting out and convincing them. Build up some reviews and word of mouth will begin to spread. At the start, every customer and user is priceless.

Publicity Stunts 8 Puzzle Pieces to Successful Advertising

If your product is truly unique, there will be a unique way to market it. Come up with a publicity stunt that will draw attention. You might not be able to afford a PR company to get your product into the media.

But, the media will come running if you can set up an exciting stunt. Guerilla marketing is also your friend here. Don’t neglect leaflets and stickers. Getting your name out there is the single most important thing.

Online Marketing social media marketing for business

Find the audience for your product online and reach out to them. Build communities using social media, forums and informative content. Build an intuitive and beautiful website that helps attract new customers which would eventually be your first customers.

If you’ve got a budget for marketing, hire an SEM expert in Perth. They’ll help you get your business into the right corners of search engines. There are hundreds of resources to be found online. Form the best strategy for your business.

Throw A Launch Party shadows

There’s no point launching your product if you don’t tell the world about it. The easiest way to get people to take notice of your product is to offer them a free drink while you talk about it!

The media and business people love a good party. Any excuse to network and get out of the office. Build up the best possible list of invitees. A mixture of influential people and the right media is a good start. Try and include your publicity stunt for a truly unforgettable launch.

A unique and individual strategy is key. If you came up with a unique product in the first place, this should be the easy bit. A great company doesn’t end with the great idea. That’s just the starting point. The real work comes with promoting it and getting the first customers that would spread the word further.


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