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Twitter is a powerful way to boost your online business’ brand and revenue. With over 288 million users on Twitter, there is no doubt that if you want to reach people to advertise your business’ products and services, Twitter is the way to do it. However, what do you do when you sign up for Twitter? What do you need to do to get those millions of people interested in following you? Here is how you can increase your twitter followers and make the maximum impact through your twitter profile.

The solution lies in these 10 easy to implement ways to increase your Twitter followers.

1: Design a Unique Twitter Profile Page

Twitter has many background designs for your profile page you can easily use when you set up your account, but if you want attention, create your own. A creative profile page gets people interested in you, and it shows that you are professional. You can use a website designer or create one online for free using websites such as

2: SEO your Profile Information

Every person has a short introductory bio on his or her profile. This is your chance to tell people who you are, and how your business can help them. While what you write is most important because everyone will read it, you also want to incorporate keywords into it. Your Twitter profile will end up on search engine results pages, so it matters.

3: Follow People Interested in Your Business

With so many people on Twitter, the key to being successful with it is to start a following of people who are interested in your business. The first way to do this is to follow those people. When you follow someone, he or she will get a message that you followed him or her. This will then hopefully lead him or her to look at your profile, find interest in your business, and follow you back.

4: Be Social on Twitter

Twitter is a social network, so don’t just use it for advertising. Mingle with the Twitter community by starting conversation with your potential customers. Find out what they think, what they want, and even answer their questions.

5: Have Fun with Tweets

While you want to use Twitter to advertise your business, sometimes, it’s important to tweet fun information. Find some interesting facts that your followers would like to read, or let them in on your life, so they can feel more connected to you.

6: Use Hashtags

Hashtags are keywords you can place at the end of your tweets. They look something like this ‘#SEO’ or ‘#Business’. When someone searches for something on Twitter, for example, SEO, your tweet will come up and he or she can then follow you if your tweets are interesting to him or her.

7: Include Twitter on Your Website

You must place a Twitter icon on your website. Whenever someone comes to your website to browse the services and products you offer, he or she will be able to continue following your business if you have a Twitter icon.

Studies have found that most people don’t look at headers. Place your Twitter and other social networking icons on your sidebar.

8: Include Twitter for Sharing on Blog Posts

Your blog is important to your business. When a reader believes a post would be interesting to their followers, they can easily share it with the Twitter share button you have on the post.

9: Include Your Twitter Name on Guest Posts

Guest posting is one of the best ways to get back links to your website, and it’s a good way to gain Twitter followers. For every guest post you make, include your Twitter name at the end of it, and request readers to follow you.

10: Advertise Twitter Offline

If your business is offline and online, use Twitter in your offline advertising. Include your Twitter name on business cards, print ads, and place a decal at your business location for customers.

With these tips, you are set to build your Twitter community. Now, head over to Twitter, and start socializing – it’s fun and can help you achieve your business goals.


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