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Social Media Marketing for businesses have become crucial than never before. You just can’t play an old school and not focus on social media. There are brands which are making millions of dollars just because of their social media presence. There are companies that are winning the trust of their customers because of social media. They’re growing. What about you?

If you’re still not convince why you must use social media marketing for business or you have a boss who just doesn’t happen to have a sound brain, here are some reasons that would make everything clear right now!

  1. Learn about your audience: How do you know what kind of people like to buy from you? Of course, with experience you just get an idea of who likes what. But doesn’t that take a lot of time? Don’t you want instant results for your marketing efforts? If yes, then you need to know who exactly would buy your product. Gender, age group, ethnicity, language, geographical location and interests – you need information about each of these things to make it work. But how do social media help in this? INSIGHTS. They give you information with maximum accuracy and details.
  2. Better targeting: As you know what kind of people actually like to buy your product or services, you would obviously want to focus your marketing efforts on such people. Won’t you? But how are you going to target them? What’s the maximum limit you can reach? In case of social media, targeting can be really specific and that, of course, yields better results.
  3. Easy to find new customers: Do you want to find new customers around the globe or maybe from your city? What’s the easiest and cheapest way to reach those potential customers? Think about it. Think some more. You know the answer. Right? SOCIAL MEDIA.
  4. Reach greater set of people: Not only you can find new customers but if you’re using social media marketing for business, you can reach to a higher set of audience overall. More people would know about your brand, more people would talk about your brand and eventually you would have more people interested to buy your product or services.
  5. Economical method of marketing: Your social media marketing efforts can start from as less as zero dollars. Can you do that with any other marketing technique? SMM is not only economical but also an easy marketing method.
  6. Directly interact with your customers: How many times do you get to interact with your customers directly? Unless you have a retail shop, chances are scarce. Through social media, you get a chance to directly interact with your customers, know about their preferences, get honest customer feedback, thereby increasing your chances of transforming into a customer friendly brand.
  7. Comparison with competitors: Chances are all of your competitors are already leveraging the power of social media for their business. When you enter social media, you can compare your performance with your competitors. This would help you to keep a check on your competition and rise to greater levels.
  8. Easy sharing of content and news: Every single update, every new stock update, every new arrival can be easily communicated with your customers with just a few clicks. That’s the beauty of social media.
  9. Increased search traffic and Higher Conversion Rates: Due to social media, you get to increase your search engine rankings and appear at top positions in google search results. This helps in sending more visitors to your brand’s websites. Also, when you do social media, people trust you as a ‘real entity’. This boosts conversion rates to a great level.
  10. Better Brand value: Here is the most important thing. This is the best thing that can ever happen to your business because of social media. You can make more sales, you can have higher conversion rates but in the end, that thing that matters is YOUR BRAND. Social media marketing helps you to brand your business in an awesome way and build a reputation that would be unmatchable.

Now that you’re convinced to use social media marketing for business, make sure you subscribe to us on our social media channels for getting updates about our latest Social Media Marketing Series that has been specially created to help businesses use social media effectively and achieve better results.


  1. People are receptive to your messages. People view Twitter and Facebook as social networks, not marketing machines. As a result, they’re less likely to see what you post as an advertisement and will be more likely to hear what you have to say.


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